Priva A/T 235/85R16 E (10 Ply) All Terrain Tire

Priva A/T 235/85R16 E (10 Ply) All Terrain Tire

Atlas Tire Priva A/T. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: All season traction Extra durability All terrain traction Reduced road noise Longer lasting tread life. OVERVIEW: The Atlas Tire Priva A/T is an all season all terrain tire manufactured for SUV and Light truck vehicles, depending on the load index stamped on the sidewall of the tire.This all terrain tire model performs well on all on- and off-road surfaces, due to the large tread blocks in the tread design. This tread pattern also helps the tire to clean out excess snow and mud stuck between the grooves, providing a clean road contact area at all times for enhanced safety.The tire has fantastic all weather traction and road grip, including in snow and mud. The siping design and tread block improve winter and mud traction, while the tread grooves help channel water from beneath the tires footprint to prevent hydroplaning in dangerous situations. The continuous shoulder blocks increase road grip while maneuvering, cornering and braking, making the driving experience safer overall.The compound aids the noise reduction of the tire by absorbing the soundwaves. The compound, the tread pattern design and the equally distributed driving force also effectively lower the road vibrations felt during on-road driving. The even dispersion of pressure on the tires road contact area avoids irregular wear, elongating the tires lifespan.The light truck tire models of the Priva A/T have steel reinforced sidewalls for extra durability. They can handle, withstand and transport heavy loads in accordance with the capacity indicated by the load rating. / By Brand > Atlas Tire > Priva A

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